Open Labs

The world of tomorrow shall ensure growth, prosperity and resilience. All this presupposes, however, that we are attentive towards ourselves and others. And we have to use resources in a careful way and adapt our behaviour and needs to a pattern of sustainable consumption and production.

Hence, we have to boost research regarding environment protection, climate protection and resource efficiency as well as to develop further vaccine and drugs that prevent and cure diseases. This also means that we have to foster the transfer of research results into industrial applications.

In our open labs we do research work on projects in  the fields of biotechnology and building energy systems. Together with regional enterprises, we are working on transfer projects. What is special is that everybody can take a look at the current research activities. There will also be workshops and participatory exhibitions that shall enable and prompt visitors to become co-creators of knowledge and meaning. Through this, the ITZ Plus will become a place of exchange, communication and collaboration between science, industry and society.